Canadians of Iranian descent, victims of Iran-sponsored terrorism, and human rights advocates, are supporting S-219.

What is the Canadian Coalition Against Terror (C-CAT)?

The Canadian Coalition Against Terror (C-CAT) is a research and policy body comprised of terror victims, counterterrorism professionals, lawyers and others dedicated to developing innovative strategies in the battle against extremism and terrorism. 

C-CAT and the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act (JVTA)

C-CAT led the 8-year campaign for the passage of the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act (JVTA). The legislation was passed into law by Parliament in 2012. Shortly thereafter Iran and Syria were listed under the JVTA as “State Supporters of Terrorism”. Countries listed under the JVTA can be sued in Canadian courts by terror victims, for terrorist acts sponsored by these states. In November 2012, terror victims launched a suit under the JVTA against Iran in an Ontario court, which ruled against Iran. The regime appealed the ruling. But last July, the courts ruled once again against Iran and in favour of the victims, upholding a $1.7 billion judgment against the Islamic Republic. For more on the court case click here.

In the aftermath of a recent review of the JVTA, the Foreign Minister determined that there are “still reasonable grounds” for Iran and Syria to remain listed as “State Supporters of Terror”. For more on the recent review click here.

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