Bill S-219: "An Act to deter Iran-sponsored terrorism, incitement to hatred, and human rights violations"

will come to a final vote in the Senate in the coming weeks


Summary of S-219

Iran is the globe’s most egregious state-sponsor of terrorism, and has imprisoned, tortured and murdered tens of thousands of Iranian citizens;

Iran continues to be a global leader in the execution of minors; has imprisoned, tortured and murdered Canadians citizens; and is directly complicit in the war crimes being committed by the Assad regime;

Bill S-219 will target only Iranian regime entities responsible for human rights violations and sponsoring terrorism;

Bill S-219 does not target nor will nor will it impact ordinary Iranian citizens.

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Canadians of Iranian descent, victims of Iran-sponsored terrorism, and human rights advocates, are supporting S-219.

Canadian Leaders on the Iranian Threat

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Iran, Terrorism and Responsibility in Syria:

“Countries that have been supportive of the Assad regime [Iran and Russia] bear some of the responsibility for the chemical attacks on innocents, civilians and children last week…”

“We will continue to work alongside our allies to ensure security in the world and to engage with Iran in a responsible way that highlights both the human rights abuses at home and its sponsorship of terrorism abroad.”

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the Danger of the Iranian Regime:

“…Other countries, however, constitute unambiguously a clear and present danger…. First among these is the Government of Iran. I speak not merely of its appalling record of human rights abuse, or its active assistance to the brutal regime in Syria, or its undeniable support of terrorist entities, or its determined pursuit of nuclear weapons, rather it is the combination of all these things with a truly malevolent ideology that should concern us.”

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin on Iran’s Genocidal Threats:

“…This call for genocide coupled with Iran's obvious nuclear ambitions is a matter that the world cannot ignore. And Iran must know, in no uncertain terms, that the free nations of the world will not tolerate its intransigence.”

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Learn More About Bill S-219

  1. What are the key provisions of S-219?

    This bill provides for strengthening of Canada’s sanctions regime against Iran for its support of terrorism, incitement to hatred, and human rights violations; and for the identification of Iranian officials responsible for such activities. The Act has several key components: a.       Government Report –...

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  2. What has precipitated Canada’s strained relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran?

    Iran’s illegal and egregious actions against Canadian citizens; its status as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism; its severe violation of the human rights of its own citizenry; and its flouting of the international community have generated these tensions with Canada and other countries. As outlined below, the difficulties ...

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  3. What is S-219 intended to accomplish?

    What can sanctions achieve? – Despite clear limitations, sanctions have been utilized as an instrument of statecraft by Canada and other western countries in hundreds of cases over the last century – even when the sanctions themselves have not directly generated a “solution” for the crisis or behaviours being targeted. ...

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  4. Is S-219 a partisan bill?

    S-219 was introduced by Conservative Senator David Tkachuk and was seconded by Liberal Senator George Baker. S-219 is supported by a coalition of organizations and individuals committed to combatting terrorism, promoting human rights, and supporting the people of Iran in their struggle for democracy. Sen. Tkachuk worked closely with a ...

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  1. Will S-219 impact ordinary Iranian citizens living in Iran?

    This bill will not impose further hardship on ordinary Iranian citizens in Iran who have already been victimized by the regime’s policies. As noted by Richard Nephew – an architect of the JCPOA who was critical of some aspects of S-219: In this case, the unintended consequences on the humanitarian impact of this bill are probably ...

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  2. Does S-219 prevent the Canadian government from reengaging with Iran?

    S-219 does not preclude a restoration of diplomatic relations with Iran or business dealings between Canada and the Iranian regime. It simply offers a framework for balancing Canada’s stated concerns with Iran’s egregious behaviours and the government’s objective of reengagement. It seeks only to exclude those regime entities ...

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  3. Some have claimed that Iran will refuse “reengagement” with Canada if S-219 were to pass. Should S-219 be rejected on this basis?

    Iran is currently doing business with Canada despite being subject to Canadian sanctions under SEMA, and despite being listed by Canada as a State Supporter of Terror. (Iran for instance recently purchased $100 million in aircraft from Bombardier47). Furthermore, Iran is “engaging” other countries that also have imposed sanctions ...

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  4. One critic claimed that passing S-219 will put Canada on the “margins of international relations with Iran”. Is this true?

    It is the Iranian regime which has put itself – with malice and forethought –  on the margins of the civilized world by its own behaviors over the last 37 years. Most recently with the signing of the JCPOA the regime was provided yet another opportunity to demonstrate some semblance of good will on issues related to terrorism and ...

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